PCALC Class Documentation

These are the documented interfaces, classes, delegates and cofunctions for this application.


InputEventA pure native interface for various events as returned by the Console::PeekInput() and Console::ReadInput() functions.
NoiseGeneratorThis is the pure native interface for noise generator objects that can be passed into the constructor of the Random class.


ApplicationThis native class represents the application and provides some basic functionality.
BinaryFileProvides binary file input and output functions.
CharAreaHolds a two-dimensional block of character and color information.
CharColorDescribes character color information.
ColorA class that represents a RGB or HSL color.
ConsoleProvides advanced console input / output functionality for Windows based systems.
DateTimeProvides functions to manipulate, compare and output dates and times.
DelayA timer class that is triggered when a user defined delay time has elapsed.
DownloadAn easy to use class for downloading data from HTTP internet sites.
DownloadManagerA multiple concurrent downloads manager class.
FileProvides text file input and output functions.
FileIteratorThis class allows to iterate over files and folders in the local file system.
FocusEventDescribes a focus change input event in the Console.
GaussianNoiseGenerates an approximation of gaussian noise.
InterpolatedNoiseGenerates white noise smoothed by cubic interpolation.
KeyEventDescribes a key input event in the Console.
LinearNoiseGenerates noise with an almost linear spectrum (white noise).
LocationDescribes a zero-based character coordinate on a console screen.
MD5An OpenSSL-compatible implementation of the RSA Data Security MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm (RFC 1321).
MatchA small helper class that describes a text search match returned by the Regex class.
MathStatic class containing common mathematical functions.
MenuEventDescribes a menu input event in the Console.
MouseEventDescribes a mouse input event in the Console.
PCalcGlobal functions provided by the PCALC application.
ParameterA native object that represents a GUI parameter.
PathProvides functions dealing with pathes to files and directories on the local filesystem and network shares.
PerlinNoiseGenerates multi-octave, interpolated noise, also known as Perlin noise.
PointDefines a class that represents the coordinate of a point on the screen.
ProcessA class encapsulating a native Windows process.
QuadraticNoiseA noise generator with quadratic spectrum.
RandomA class providing various ways of generating pseudo random numbers.
ReadStringOptionsProvides options for the Console::ReadString() function.
RectA class that represents a rectangular area on the screen.
RegexA regular expression class based on the PCRE project (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions) http://www.pcre.org
SizeDescribes a graphical object's size in height and width.
SmallRectDescribes a rectangular area in zero-based character coordinates and sizes.
SmallSizeDescribes a zero-based size in character units.
StopWatchA timer class suitable for absolute time-measurements.
TimerA timer class suitable for measuring the time delta between two events.
UrlGeneratorA class that allows dynamic creation of URLs from a generator expression.
ViewA generic View class.
WindowBufferSizeEventDescribes a buffer size change event in the Console.
WindowPtrA small class that wraps a native window handle and provides basic functions to manipulate the window.
WindowsContains Windows API calls.
XmlAttrIteratorAn iterator object that allows to iterate over a node's attributes and retrieve their names and values.
XmlDocumentAn easy to use class that represents an XML document tree and provides methods to read and modify the document.
XmlNodeThe XmlNode class represents a single node in an xml-document.
XmlNodeIteratorAn iterator object that allows to iterate over a node's child nodes.
wstringA wide character string for unicode support.


D_0_1_R48_R19This event is raised when a download is complete or failed.
D_0_R63_R19Delegate type for functions that can be passed into the Regex::Search() method.
D_0_R71_R19A delegate for use with the XmlDocument::Enumerate() function.
D_2_C2_C2Delegate type used by the Math::Proc() function.