NetRadio Class Documentation

These are the documented interfaces, classes, delegates and cofunctions for this application.


ControlThis interface allows users to program their own GUI control class in script.
ScalerThis interface allows users to program custom parameter scaling functions in script.
NoiseGeneratorThis is the pure native interface for noise generator objects that can be passed into the constructor of the Random class.
LayerA pure native interface for graphical objects.
DspEffectThis is a pure native interface for BASS DSP effects.


__globalThis class is maintained by the runtime and represents the global space.
ApplicationThis native class represents the application and provides some basic functionality.
NativeControlA native context for controls programmed in script.
ParameterA native object that represents a GUI parameter.
ViewA generic View class.
ColorA class that represents a RGB or HSL color.
PointDefines a class that represents the coordinate of a point on the screen.
RectA class that represents a rectangular area on the screen.
ChannelA channel object represents a music file or network stream that can be played back.
BassBASS is an audio library for use in Windows and Mac OSX software.
SampleA sample is a Bass sound object that can spawn any amount of channels to play back a sound.
BitmapRepresents an image in either BMP or PNG format.
BitmapLayerA BitmapLayer can draw a BMP or PNG image with or without alpha channel and using complex drawing algorithms.
DelayA timer class that is triggered when a user defined delay time has elapsed.
DspEffectEQA simple three band equalizer DSP effect that can be attached to any BASS Channel object.
MathStatic class containing common mathematical functions.
NetRadioThis class contains additional script functions provided by NetRadio.
RandomA class providing various ways of generating pseudo random numbers.
GaussianNoiseGenerates an approximation of gaussian noise.
LinearNoiseGenerates noise with an almost linear spectrum (white noise).
QuadraticNoiseA noise generator with quadratic spectrum.
RectLayerA RectLayer draws a rectangle in its area.
StopWatchA timer class suitable for absolute time-measurements.
TextLayerA TextLayer draws an arbitrary text with or without transparency and shadow.
TimerA timer class suitable for measuring the time delta between two events.
XmlDocumentAn easy to use class that represents an XML document tree and provides methods to read and modify the document.
XmlAttrIteratorAn iterator object that allows to iterate over a node's attributes and retrieve their names and values.
XmlNodeIteratorAn iterator object that allows to iterate over a node's child nodes.
XmlNodeThe XmlNode class represents a single node in an xml-document.


D_2_C2_C2Delegate type used by the Math::Proc() function.
D_1_R27Defines a delegate type for passing delegates into the NativeControl::LayerCollision() method.
D_0_R52_R15A delegate for use with the XmlDocument::Enumerate() function.