JILRun Class Documentation

These are the documented interfaces, classes and delegates for this application.


System::Random::NoiseGeneratorThis is the pure native interface for noise generator objects that can be passed into the constructor of the Random class.
Windows::Console::InputEventA pure native interface for various events as returned by the Console::PeekInput() and Console::ReadInput() functions.


System::IO::BinaryFileProvides binary file input and output functions.
System::IO::FileProvides text file input and output functions.
System::IO::FileIteratorThis class allows to iterate over files and folders in the local file system.
System::IO::PathProvides functions dealing with pathes to files and directories on the local filesystem and network shares.
System::MathStatic class containing common mathematical functions.
System::Network::DownloadAn easy to use class for downloading data from HTTP internet sites.
System::Network::DownloadManagerA multiple concurrent downloads manager class.
System::Network::SocketAn easy to use class for opening and using TCP/IP sockets.
System::RandomA class providing various ways of generating pseudo random numbers.
System::Random::GaussianNoiseGenerates an approximation of gaussian noise.
System::Random::InterpolatedNoiseGenerates white noise smoothed by cubic interpolation.
System::Random::LinearNoiseGenerates noise with an almost linear spectrum (white noise).
System::Random::PerlinNoiseGenerates multi-octave, interpolated noise, also known as Perlin noise.
System::Random::QuadraticNoiseA noise generator with quadratic spectrum.
System::Text::MD5An OpenSSL-compatible implementation of the RSA Data Security MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm (RFC 1321).
System::Text::RegexA regular expression class based on the PCRE project (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions) http://www.pcre.org
System::Text::Regex::MatchA small helper class that describes a text search match returned by the Regex class.
System::Text::UrlGeneratorA class that allows dynamic creation of URLs from a generator expression.
System::Text::WideStringA wide character string for unicode support.
System::Time::DateTimeProvides functions to manipulate, compare and output dates and times.
System::Time::DelayA timer class that is triggered when a user defined delay time has elapsed.
System::Time::StopWatchA timer class suitable for absolute time-measurements.
System::Time::TimerA timer class suitable for measuring the time delta between two events.
System::Xml::AttributeIteratorAn iterator object that allows to iterate over a node's attributes and retrieve their names and values.
System::Xml::DocumentAn easy to use class that represents an XML document tree and provides methods to read and modify the document.
System::Xml::NodeThe Node class represents a single node in an xml-document.
System::Xml::NodeIteratorAn iterator object that allows to iterate over a node's child nodes.
Windows::APIContains Windows API calls.
Windows::ConsoleProvides advanced console input / output functionality for Windows based systems.
Windows::Console::CharAreaHolds a two-dimensional block of character and color information.
Windows::Console::CharColorDescribes character color information.
Windows::Console::FocusEventDescribes a focus change input event in the console.
Windows::Console::KeyEventDescribes a key input event in the console.
Windows::Console::LocationDescribes a zero-based character coordinate on a console screen.
Windows::Console::MenuEventDescribes a menu input event in the console.
Windows::Console::MouseEventDescribes a mouse input event in the console.
Windows::Console::ReadStringOptionsProvides options for the Console::ReadString() function.
Windows::Console::SmallRectDescribes a rectangular area in zero-based character coordinates and sizes.
Windows::Console::SmallSizeDescribes a zero-based size in character units.
Windows::Console::WindowBufferSizeEventDescribes a buffer size change event in the console.
Windows::ProcessA class encapsulating a native Windows process.
Windows::WindowA small class that wraps a native window handle and provides basic functions to manipulate the window.
runtimeStatic class that provides access to functions of the JewelScript runtime.
stdlibStatic class containing basic input / output functions.


D_0_2_R31_R1This event is raised when a download is complete or failed.
D_0_R45_R1Delegate type for functions that can be passed into the Regex::Search() method.
D_0_R53_R1A delegate for use with the Document::Enumerate() function.
D_3_C3_C3Delegate type used by the Math::Proc() function.