jewel.ORG Class Documentation

These are the documented interfaces, classes and delegates for this application.


JewelGUI::ApplicationThis interface allows users to program their own application in script.
JewelGUI::IPanePure native interface for all GUI controls that can be added to the PaneWindow class.
System::Audio::Bass::DspEffectThis is a pure native interface for BASS DSP effects.
System::Random::NoiseGeneratorThis is the pure native interface for noise generator objects that can be passed into the constructor of the Random class.


JewelGUI::ButtonA button control that supports several modes.
JewelGUI::ColorA class that represents a RGB or HSL color.
JewelGUI::ColorboxA simple rectangular area that can be drawn in several different styles.
JewelGUI::ConsoleStatic class offering console output functions for the jewelORG application.
JewelGUI::EditControlAllows the user to enter a single line of text.
JewelGUI::PaneIteratorAn iterator that allows to inspect a control's children.
JewelGUI::PaneWindowRepresents a new window that can be filled with GUI elements based on the IPane interface.
JewelGUI::ParameterA native object that represents a GUI parameter.
JewelGUI::PointDefines a class that represents the coordinate of a point on the screen.
JewelGUI::RectA class that represents a rectangular area on the screen.
JewelGUI::SimpleSliderA simple slider control that allows the user to enter a numeric value by dragging over it's surface.
JewelGUI::SizeDescribes a graphical object's size in height and width.
JewelGUI::StaticTextA control that displays single- or multi-line text in it's client rectangle.
System::Audio::BassBASS is an audio library for use in Windows and Mac OSX software.
System::Audio::Bass::ChannelA channel object represents a music file or network stream that can be played back.
System::Audio::Bass::SampleA sample is a Bass sound object that can spawn any amount of channels to play back a sound.
System::MathStatic class containing common mathematical functions.
System::RandomA class providing various ways of generating pseudo random numbers.
System::Random::GaussianNoiseGenerates an approximation of gaussian noise.
System::Random::InterpolatedNoiseGenerates white noise smoothed by cubic interpolation.
System::Random::LinearNoiseGenerates noise with an almost linear spectrum (white noise).
System::Random::PerlinNoiseGenerates multi-octave, interpolated noise, also known as Perlin noise.
System::Random::QuadraticNoiseA noise generator with quadratic spectrum.
System::Text::RegexA regular expression class based on the PCRE project (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions)
System::Text::Regex::MatchA small helper class that describes a text search match returned by the Regex class.
System::Text::WideStringA wide character string for unicode support.
System::Time::DateTimeProvides functions to manipulate, compare and output dates and times.
System::Time::DelayA timer class that is triggered when a user defined delay time has elapsed.
System::Time::StopWatchA timer class suitable for absolute time-measurements.
System::Time::TimerA timer class suitable for measuring the time delta between two events.


D_0_R27Delegate type used for the events IPane::OnOpen, IPane::OnClose, IPane::OnDestroy, IPane::OnIdle, IPane::OnMouseEnter and IPane::OnMouseLeave.
D_0_R27_2Delegate type used for the event IPane::OnKeyPress.
D_0_R27_2_R22Delegate type used for the events IPane::OnClick, IPane::OnStartDrag and IPane::OnDrag.
D_0_R27_2_R22_3Delegate type used for the event IPane::OnWheel.
D_0_R54_R1Delegate type for functions that can be passed into the Regex::Search() method.
D_3_C3_C3Delegate type used by the Math::Proc() function.