JewelScript built-in Class Documentation

These are the documented interfaces, classes and delegates for this application.


exceptionStrict interface for all classes that can be thrown as exceptions.


arrayThis is the built-in array class.
arraylistA combination of linked list and array.
iteratorThis is the built-in iterator class.
listThis is the built-in list class.
runtimeStatic class that provides access to functions of the JewelScript runtime.
runtime::exceptionWhen the runtime detects an error during a function call, it will generate and return an instance of this class.
stringThis is the built-in string class.
string::matchDescribes the result of string matching operation as returned by the string::matchString() and string::matchArray() methods.
tableThis is JewelScript's built-in hash table class.


D_0_CR1_R1_R1Delegate type for the list::enumerate() method.
D_0_CR6_CR17_CR17_R17Delegate type for the table::merge() function.
D_0_R1_R1Delegate type for the arraylist::enumerate() method.
D_0_R6_R1_R1Delegate type for the table::enumerate() method.
D_2_2_R1Delegate type for the string::process() method.
D_2_CR1_CR1Delegate type for the list::sort() and array::sort() methods.
D_R1_R1_R1Delegate type for the array::process() method.